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Join the PREMIER online group of supportive women committed to living life after 50 on their terms!

Your Dreams, Your Desires, Your Goals, Your Relationships, Your Nutrition, Your Fitness, Your Finances, Your Health, Your Celebrations & Your Future…All Clarified, Supported & Realized through…

  • A Community of supportive women sharing the journey together towards a fulfilled life after 50
  • Expert individualized guidance for optimal growth & healing in the areas of mind, body and spirit
  • Tools & training for healthy eating, meal preparation and weight loss

You’re in the right place if you are committed to living a fulfilled life after the age of 50 even if you are confused about this transition in your life, feel isolated and lost or feeling great but desire accountability and support for living life on your terms…and not according to expectations of others.  Make new friends, cry a little, smile a lot, take a deep breath and go for it!  We can’t wait to help YOU enjoy your life, have a great impact, live and love with no regrets! 

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Our mission at Fulfilled After 50 is simple:  to provide support and expert guidance for women age 50 and beyond to live the life they desire and deserve through a healthy lifestyle, fulfilling relationships, goal attainment and genuine friendship.       

Don’t go it alone. Fulfilled After 50 gives you the training, tools, structure, coaching and strategies necessary to identify what you want most out of life, set a reasonable plan into action with built in accountability and experience success.  You are not alone – your expert leaders along with a friendly and supportive community awaits!

What exactly IS included in your Fulfilled After 50 membership?

Weekly Meal Prep Ideas, Recipes & Fitness Tips

Imagine receiving meal prep ideas each and every week along with recipes and fitness tips!  We take the guesswork out of having healthy choices readily available for you and your family.  Hosting a special event?  We can help you plan that as well. 

Twice Monthly Individualized Accountability Coaching with Alice & Karol

We don’t want you to ever feel stuck.  No question or struggle is off limits!  You are not alone – nope, not here!  We are with you all the way. Strategies, plans and resources are only as effective if put into action.

We will dive into your questions and any issues that may be holding you back. You will be confident about moving forward with actions that WILL make a difference for you. Let us help you accomplish what matters most to you in your second act of life.

Ongoing access to Alice & Karol via e-Mail

Anyone who knows us knows we are COMMITTED to your success! If you come up with a question in between our individualized calls or just need some much needed e-coaching, you’ve got it!  We are here for you and will get back to you as soon as possible (generally the same day especially if Monday-Thursday). You’ll get our honest advice along with a LOT of motivation, brainstorming & determination.

Private Members Only Facebook Community with Like Minded Women


30 Day Meal & Fitness Plan to Get Started Quickly

Jump start your healthy journey with this 4 week meal plan and workout schedule. This takes the guesswork out of “What’s for dinner?” and includes shopping lists, recipes and easy to follow steps to get you on your path to feeling your best!

Theme box awarded each month to 2 women for participation and demonstrated dedication to their plan, making efforts and celebrating success

Surprise!  Two lucky members will receive a theme box each and every month filled with goodies to support their fulfilled journey. 

Full Online Training Library which Expands Every Month

You can log into your membership site for on demand training whenever you desire!  In fact, the training topics and content expands each and every week. Here’s just a sneak peek at what is included already:

  • Collection of meal prep idea videos
  • Downloadable #1 best-selling book by board certified surgeon and bariatrician, Dr. Thomas W. Clark – Less Waist, More Life! Find Out Why Your Best Weight Loss Efforts Aren’t Working

What Others Are Saying...

"I have so much gratitude. What a soulful and amazing weekend! I feel so honored to have met and connected with each of you. I took away great information to begin using in my Second Act!"


"I cannot thank you enough for all the fun times this weekend. It seemed like we were just meant to be together from the moment we met! The deep personal connection was something I have been longing for and didn't realize it until I was there... "


"I am beyond grateful for being lead to join you this weekend. Upon arriving home, I had so much to reflect upon and l want you to know just how much this has meant to me. "


See what Shelley Smith has to say...


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I have direct & private access to Alice & Karol?

Absolutely.  We only work with a small handful of private clients at any one time.  This is so we can fully and completely dedicate ourselves to this community.  You have access to us (individualized attention) via e-mail and through your twice monthly accountability ‘office hours’ call.

Can I get a refund?

Nope.  Your Fulfilled After 50 membership is billed on a monthly or annual basis and no refunds for partial months or annual membership, including upgrading/downgrading of membership will be given.  Once you’re in, GO ALL IN!  Become a member, take advantage of all the member benefits, IMPLEMENT/TAKE ACTION and we are confident you will never want to leave!

Do Alice & Karol guarantee my results?

We’d love for that to be something we can promise.  Unfortunately, only the action YOU take in your personal life will guarantee your own success.  We cannot GUARANTEE your results, but we can guarantee that we will do all we can to facilitate, support, encourage and equip you for success.

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